our director

Amber Herrmann

Amber has an extensive background in early childhood education, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this position. She has been a director for over 10 years and brings a wealth of prior experience working with children. Amber has four children of her own and truly loves nurturing young children.

"When looking for a place to have your child attend a preschool program, most parents look for a place they feel comfortable, where they know their child will be learning and exploring, as well as a place they feel is safe. I believe that FSYC embodies all of those qualities and more and I will strive to maintain an environment that is satisfying for each child, parent and teacher.”

You can email Amber at amber.herrmann@faithumc.org

our staff

We carefully select our staff at Faith School for Young Children. We know that the strength of our program is the experience, expertise, and dedication of our faculty. We support them with training, resources, and the freedom to create a unique learning environment. The information board near the front door has a current listing of all employees.

We are fortunate because we play an important role in helping America’s children grow strong. Our work requires us to be good managers, instructors, facilitators, and problem solvers.

All of our staff are First Aid/CPR certified, receive Pre-Service Training, and accrue a minimum of 24 hours of professional development yearly.

We often present ourselves to the world covered with paint, stickers, and ketchup; and, in a crowd, we can be heard reminding our friends to “go potty and wash your hands”. We play as we tie shoes, wipe faces, hold hands, and sing. We listen to the children and feel privileged to get to view the world through their eyes. Time and time again we are touched by their hearts. We are aware of the trust you have placed in us. Thank you for choosing our school!

If you would like to join our team, please contact Amber Herrmann to inquire about any available positions.

our board

Faith School for Young Children (FSYC) and its Director are under the guidance of the Board of Directors. The Lay Leadership of Faith United Methodist Church appoints this Board of individuals who are members of the church and volunteer their time, effort and energy to making sure FSYC maintains excellent standards.

2017-2018 Faith School for Young Children Board Members:

Pam McLean - Chairman

Emily Wisbrook - Assistant Chairman

John Stephenson - Pastor

Amber Herrmann - Director

Mindy Standlee - Children's Ministry

Kim Thurmond - Secretary

Ted Smith - FUMC Financial Support

Marie Kunkel - Board Member

Itohan Owen - Board Member

Craig Russell - Board Member

Leslie Fridge - Board Member