frequently asked questions

Does my child have to be potty trained?

No, we allow our younger students to be in diapers. We also form a partnership with parents to assist our younger children when they are ready to begin potty training. Once a child moves up into our three-year-old program, they must be fully potty trained.

At what age do you start accepting new students?

Your child must be 18 months old by September 1st to register for our toddler Mother's Day Out program.  This is a 2 day class (TTH or MW).  We offer more options and days of the week as your child gets older.

What measures do you take to secure your campus?

All campus doors are locked during preschool hours. To gain access to the building during school hours, parents or visitors must ring the bell to gain admittance.  All visitors must sign in and get a name tag at the school or church office.

What is your child/teacher ratio for the classrooms?

Ratios are based on the ages of children in care as well as classroom size. All classrooms are staffed with two teachers. Our ratios range from 1:3 with our toddler program to 1:5 or 1:6 in our Older Pre-K/Bridge program.  For more information, visit our "Tuition & Ratios" page.

Do you accept Immunization Exemption Affidavits?

We only accept Immunization Exemption Affidavits for documented medical reasons.  All children must show proof of current immunizations prior to the first day of school.  If your child is on a catch up schedule due to medical reasons, you must provide a copy of the catch up schedule signed and dated by the physician.  You can view the State of Texas immunization requirements for child-care and Pre-K facilities here:

What will be the age range of students in my child’s class?

In most of our classrooms we strive to have less than 9 months difference in age. There will be some exceptions to this based on enrollment and classroom availability.

Are your teachers educated?

All of our teachers receive ongoing continuing education each year and have had some form of higher education, some having teacher’s certificates. Many of our teachers have been teaching for over 15 years.

Are your teachers background checked?

Our entire staff, including all assistants and aides are all fingerprinted and cleared by the Department of Social Services to work in our facility. Background checks are checked every five years and at our discretion for spot checks.

When my child’s teacher is absent, who will be teaching my child?

All of our “Floating Teachers” are fully educated and qualified teachers that can step into the classroom to substitute for a teacher who is absent. Our substitutes are familiar with all classrooms and will be a familiar face for your child if one of your child’s teachers has to miss a day of work.

What type of spiritual education will you be doing?

Our children will attend chapel each day they are in attendance. Our chapel lessons are broken down into weekly lessons based on stories within the Bible. Our chapel lessons are often hands on activities where children get an opportunity to help or be a part of the story. We believe that when children are exposed to the lesson in different and fun ways they develop a better understanding and it will stick with them longer. Our 3-5 year olds will learn the Lord’s Prayer. Our main desire for chapel is that the children learn that God Loves us no matter what!

Are you considered to be an academic school or a daycare?

Our program is geared for school readiness, and the classroom setting is structured to provide opportunities for each child to grow in his/her abilities to learn skills that will prepare the way for continued learning when they leave us. Our program strives to develop the whole child.

Do you utilize any curriculum materials?

FSYC utilizes the Zoo Phonics curriculum as the foundation for our program. We also align our program to help our students to be exposed to elements within the TEKS as outlined by the state of Texas.

What do you do for discipline?

Most of our discipline concerns are handled in the classroom with redirection and discussion of what has occurred and the reason for why that behavior cannot continue. Should a situation need more attention, the child will be brought to the director where she will step in to dissolve the situation and contact a parents should the need arise.

Do you accept state funding?

No, we are not contracted to accept funding from any state or federal organizations.

Can I use a check to pay for my child’s tuition?

We do not accept checks unless you would like to pre-pay for the entire semester or school year. We ask that all families sign up for automatic payments either by credit card or ACH.  Families paying by credit card will be charged a 2% fee on all payments.

Does the school provide meals?

No, the school asks that parents provide a sensible morning snack as well as a healthy lunch for your child each day. We will have parties throughout the school year where the school will provide lunch for all students.

Can you warm up lunches?

No, we are not able to warm up lunches. We recommend small thermos containers for any food you want to keep warm.

Does my child need to bring their own blanket for nap time?

Children in our toddler and two’s program will need to bring a nap mat and blanket to be used for nap time.