the suchma family

We started FSYC when our oldest daughter was 18 months old.  Another baby and 2.5 years later, we cannot say enough good things about this school. 

As a new mom, putting your kids in school can be so scary, but my fears diminished the very first time we stepped foot in the classroom. This has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for our family. The teachers and staff are all so close and every single one of them know my daughters by name. 

We feel so blessed to have our girls grow up at FSYC.


the yaeger family

Faith School For Young Children is amazing! The teachers and staff are wonderful and treat each child with respect, care and love. I am always so overwhelmed with joy when I walk one of my kids through the doors and every teacher and staff member knows their name and even has special jokes or handshakes with them. 

These teachers Iove the children and it shows when kids can't wait to go to school, and can't stop talking about what they did that day.  

My family has been truly blessed to have been a member of the Faith Family for 6 years!  

the dickerson family

We attended preschool at our home church for many years. I though it would be daunting to change when we moved, but we could not be more pleased. 

We are in our third year at FSYC, and from the beginning, I have been able to drop off my kids knowing that they are safe and LOVED. 

The learning they have accomplished has been the icing on the cake!

the hesterman family

My husband and I registered our daughter when she was 3 years at FSYC. She was part of the Giraffe and Owls classes and then spent her last year in the Honeybee Bridge class before entering Kindergarten last year in an LCISD elementary school. Not only was our daughter loved and cared for each day, but she was more than prepared for kindergarten. We started our son even earlier based on our relationships with staff and the success seen by our daughter. Both of our children attended the extended day before and after school programs. 


The school does a phenomenal job of including faith based activities into the curriculum and having the children participate in chapel activities. I’m always surprised when my son can retell me what happened in chapel when we get home. Activities are planned throughout the year for parents and grandparents to participate with children during the school day. 


When my children are/were at FSYC, I never worry about what they are doing, what could go wrong, etc. I know they are loved and cared for just like I want them to be. They are happy, learning, and excited about school. I couldn’t ask for more!

the steer family

Faith School for Young Children has been a wonderful blessing to our family. For several years now, we have trusted the staff of FSYC with the daytime care and early education of our two young children and would choose FSYC again over and over. The Teachers truly love the kids, and the kids genuinely love the teachers!

Faith has done a wonderful job preparing my daughter for Kindergarten, while not losing sight of the importance of fun and playtime. I truly believe FSYC provides a safe, loving, and positive environment that is second to none. The Director has done an incredible job of leading FSYC and facilitating an exemplary program for young children.

The Love of Jesus is taught every day at Faith and is often seen in the example set by Amber and the rest of the faculty.

Thank you FSYC!