We are proud to give our students the individualized attention they need to learn and grow by offering some of the best Student:Teacher Ratios and smallest class sizes in the area!

We have two teachers in all of our classrooms:                                       

  • Toddler Classes:   6 children (3:1)
  • Two's Classes:      8 children (4:1)
  • Three's Classes:   10 children (5:1)
  • Four's Classes:     12 children (6:1)
  • Bridge Class:        12 children (6:1)

Since our ratios are well below what the state requires, from time to time, numbers may vary.

tuition & Fees

2019-2020 tuition and fees are priced as followed. You can download a more detailed list of class options and rates below.  


  • 2 day classes: $225 - $235/month
  • 3 day MWF classes: $330/month      
  • 3 day TWTH classes: $350/month
  • 4 day M-TH classes:  $400/month
  • M-F Classes:  $475/month


  • Registration Fee:  $125/child ($100 for additional children) plus 1/2 first month's tuition
  • 2 day supply fee:  $75 Fall & Spring
  • 3 day supply fee - $100 Fall & Spring
  • 4 day supply fee - $115 Fall & Spring
  • 5 day supply fee - $130 Fall & Spring


  • Sibling discount: $15/month - applied to oldest child
  • Church Member discount: $15/month - only one discount applies

Early Care:

We also offer early care hours for our 3's, 4's and Bridge classes from 7-9 a.m.  This is a separate program from our regular school day - there is limited space, so please be sure to sign up as soon as possible.  If we do not get enough participation for this class, it is possible that it could be eliminated.  Please watch for updates.

  • 3 day Early Care:  $160/month
  • 5 day Early Care:  $200/month

You can download our 2018-2019 Class Choices with Tuition & Fees list here: link coming soon:


Rates are subject to change for future school years.